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Diamonds are Forever



ALGORDANZA, the only ISO Certified memorial diamond producer with their lab in Switzerland, turns cremation ashes into beautiful memorial diamonds which last forever and can be passed down as heirlooms.


Recently, a customer of ours at Algordanza UK had a diamond made from her father?s remains and set in her engagement and wedding ring so her father could still walk with her down the aisle. Another customer had a memorial diamond made from her husband?s ashes and set in a heart shape pendant because she wanted to keep their hearts close at all times. It is a comforting way for the bereaved to remember those who meant so much to them when they were alive.

So, How does it work?

Founded in 2004 by Rinaldo Willy, Algordanza, using their own technology have produced thousands of Memorial Diamonds in their lab surrounded by the Swiss mountains in Chur. The isolated carbon is put under pressure of 16 tons and with a temperature of 1?400 degrees Celsius the memorial diamond grows around a starter crystal. The growth process depends on the desired size of the Memorial Diamond. The rough diamond is carefully obtained from the growing cell. The starter crystal that initiated the growth process has dissolved. Rough diamonds can be chosen or any of the standard diamond cuts.

The memorial diamond varies in colour from clear to different shades of blue depending on the amount of the element boron that is in the ashes which we all have in our bodies. Just as no two human beings are like, no two diamonds are identical, your diamonds will be truly unique.

Unlike the other memorial diamond producers, ALGORDANZA does NOT add anything to the process; each order is marked with a unique reference number and produced with the utmost caution and precision. We document our rigorous quality control with the certificate and guarantee authenticity, weight, cut, colour and the origin of the Memorial Diamond having been created from the delivered cremation ashes, making sure that the diamond is 100% of the loved ones.


Cost of Diamonds

The cost of the diamond depends on the size and shape of your personal memorial diamond. ALGORDANZA diamond price starts from ?1500 for a 0.3ct rough diamond. Managing Director, Kevin Foy at ALGORDANZA UK wanted to offer a bespoke jewellery service and has sourced a Hatton Garden jewellery designer to use the latest CAD technology to help clients design their own jewellery to create a truly one-off exclusive piece of art.

We are a premium brand and it is up to the customers to decide which is valued more for the memories of their loved ones ? price or quality. ALGORDANZA UK also provides you with alternative financing options for purchasing.


ALGORDANZA has its headquarters in Chur, Switzerland. ALGORDANZA is a word derived from the ancient language Rhaeto-Romanic, meaning ?remembrance.? Swiss companies have a notable and respected reputation for producing high-quality pieces. Currently, we are the only ISO certified producer of memorial diamonds represented in over 30 countries and committed to caution and transparency. If you would like to visit our production site and laboratory in Switzerland, personally hand the remains over or would like to pick up your unique Memorial Diamond personally, we are pleased to make an appointment for your visit. (Kevin & Rinaldo at Algordanza HQ)