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Ashes into Memorial Jewellery Options




There has been an increase in customer demands in the memorial jewellery in the past few years. The evolving ideas cater to the sentimental values attached to such jewellery and thereby come up with innovations that help people connect with the deceased better.


Cremation/Memorial Jewellery

This unique concept allows you to keep a personalized memory of a dear one in an exclusive compartment. There are several options available in such jewellery including Hearts,? angel wings, teardrop, cross etc depending on your personal preferences. The commonly used material for cremation jewellery includes gold, silver, and stainless steel.

These pendants can normally hold a small amount of?the ashes inside, as an alternative to traditional urns. Most customers choose to have loved one’s name or Celtic?patterns or loved pet’s paw prints engraved on the jewellery to make it very personal.

The very fact that emotional attachments are embodied through designer jewellery pieces makes these items a very popular choice.? Alternative Endings has wide selections of amazing memorial jewellery.

gold cross memorial pendant with celtic engraving
Gold cross memorial pendant with optional engraving.
gold heart paw print memorial pendant
Gold heart paw print memorial pendant to hold cremation ash of your loved one.

Cremation/Memorial Diamond

This is a relatively new idea that is rapidly gaining in popularity, mainly?because it is a very sentimental way to?remember the loved ones. The memorial diamond producer will extract carbon from the collected cremation ashes or some hair from the deceased ones.? The skilled craftsman would use advanced technology to cut the diamonds into different shapes.

The most credible?memorial diamond producers in the UK market are Algordanza Switzerland and Life Gem. Algordanza Memorial Diamonds believes there should be no added chemicals to the ashes, the memorial diamonds should present the deceased?one as they were.