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The Ultimate Diamond Engagement Ring

The Best Diamond Engagement Ring

Made from yours and your partners hair

The Ultimate Diamond Engagement Ring Cremation Jewellery

Year 1477, Archduke Maximillian commissioned the first diamond engagement ring. Since then diamonds have long become the symbol of love & eternity.

Have you ever seen a woman’s face when she put a diamond ring on for the first time? While diamonds have long been associated with the happiest memories in the life. We wonder what is the best or ultimate diamond engagement ring out there?

So what can be more special than making an engagement diamond from both of your hairs? or even more specially from your lost ones ashes if you want them there with you for your big day?

Really? is it even possible? The answer is Yes it is!

From a Company makes a diamond from your hair

Algordanza (Switzerland) is the leader in the synthetic diamond field, who is specialist in making diamonds from extracted carbon of hair or cremation ashes. Since 2018, Algordanza has been offering celebration diamonds made from hair or loved one’s ashes.

Mined diamonds are formed naturally through a combination of heat pressure and time, growing deep under ground till earth movement ready to be excavated. Where lab diamond are recreated Using high-tech machines. Engineers can transform the carbon from human hair or human ashes into diamond gems that are physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds.’ Nation Geographic.

Erm …Why Lab grow diamond?

1. Ethical and environmental friendly diamond

Why are mined diamond unethical ? While diamond ring could make someone the happiest days in their life, it could also be the source of so much suffering for others. The beautiful mined gem represent with love and eternity  can trace back to forced labor, human rights abuse, habitat destruction and water pollution. 

These blood diamonds were used to fund military actions in the devastating civil wars in western and central Africa. 

Look through internet of the diamond mining, Mir mine as enormous hole with 1,200 meters across and visible from the space, it creates devastating impact to the environment and natural habitat.

With lab diamond you can still find the diamond of your dreams with out the ethical implication. Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties and naturally mined diamond.  Even the diamond expert unable to tell the difference optically. If you are not convinced we invite you to visit our lab in Switzerland and see for yourself!

2.Celebrate with deeper meaning

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

We see the trend of the upper coming generation of “soon to be weds” are very savvy and soon to be weds are happy to switch to diamonds are ethical and environmental friendly.  Specially celebrate your big day with a diamond created from your hairs or the cremation ashes loved ones if they can’t be there on your big day.

Hair contains 51% of the carbon, and cremation ashes contains around 20% carbon.  Once we received your hair in our lab in Switzerland need least 500g of ashes or 5g of the hair, isolate of carbon and turn into diamond under HPHT process. It could take up to 8 months for your diamond grow.

3. Ready to order one?

Order a diamond for you and your loved one is easy. Follow our ordering process here!

Decide on the source of your diamond? Hair or Loved ones ashes?

Decide on the cut and size of your diamond

Email:  Click to Call 0800 0646683 (Free of Charge)

Sign the contract to protect both of us, put down 50% of deposit

Post or we will collect the ashes or hair personally

Wait the diamond to grow …. we will keep you informed with the stage

Now your diamond is ready !  We will deliver your loved one back to you!

Set your diamond in the ring

Our Customer Say

We had couple turned the loved one’s ashes into their wedding rings, here is what Daniel Atkins said: –

“I cannot recommend Algordanza highly enough! Without a doubt the very best customer service I have ever received. Better still, the memorial diamonds we had made are absolutely beautiful!

Kevin was amazing. He took the time to explain the whole process and answer all of our questions in superb detail. Hoping for two diamonds of a very specific size, wanting to safely hand deliver the ashes in person, all on a very tight schedule in time for our wedding – we knew we were asking a lot! But Kevin and his team at Algordanza bent over backwards to make this happen.

We scheduled a time and date to go over to Switzerland and visit their facility. Everything was made so easy for us. From which train to get on from the airport, to where the taxi would be at the other end. Even turn by turn directions to where we could find the tax reclaim office at the airport on the way back – something that never would have occurred to me.

I’d also like to mention Alana whom was equally delightful. She was there to great me as I arrived, discreetly helped me separate the ashes, and gave me a full tour of their facility before helping me with a taxi to my next destination.

The diamonds are perfectly stunning! I can think of no better way to honour my dearly loved friend whom I miss dearly. Now I carry him with me for evermore.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so very much for everything you did for us!”