925 Sterling Silver Ashes Jewellery

Sterling Silver Cremation Ashes Jewellery

Best quality 925 sterling silver cremation Jewellery made in the UK.   We crafted our ashes jewellery from hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver. It is a special way to hold your loved ones close through the difficult times after losing someone special.

Each of our silver cremation jewellery has a discreet yet elegant design, with a secret inner chamber.  The ashes pendant bail is removable. You can insert a token amount of ashes or hair with the funnel in the chamber. From outside it looks like normal jewellery. Read more about how to insert ashes. 

925 sterling silver is one of the most loved and popular precious metals with an affordable price tag, our silver cremation pendants are versatile, minimalist and of a timeless design.

This stunning cremation jewellery can be worn at anytime like normal jewellery, and at the same time brings a lot comfort and closeness with your loved one.

Find out more about our solid gold cremation pendants, or gold plated ash pendant for a similar price.

From our customer: – “It will bring comfort in sad times ahead, the size is perfect to grab and hold on to tight. I will cherish this small token that will carry my brother with me, wherever I go. The communications between us have been so quick and professional, whilst also being patient and understanding.Thank you very much.” – Emzymillion 2018

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Showing all 8 results