Pets Cremation Ashes Into Diamond

Pets Cremation Ashes Into Diamond Cremation Jewellery

Pet Ashes Into Diamond

Pets Cremation Ashes Into Diamond Cremation Jewellery

We all remember that ONE special pet in life. “We’d been together since I was a kid, the one I would spend all the time with. The one always my steady best friend. I miss seeing him around, I miss kissing his nose, and how he refuses to put down a stick that is way too big for him.” – Kevin Foy

Now losing a pet is no longer a goodbye. We want to help you keep your loved pet with you forever.  Turning your pet’s Cremation Ashes into Diamonds is a truly remarkable way to keep that love.

Starting Price:  £ 2,200 

Ashes or Hair Needed: 5 grams hair or 300 grams of cremation ashes

Avg. Time to Completion: 4-8 Months


Real Stories

Pets Cremation Ashes Into Diamond Cremation Jewellery

“I cannot recommend highly enough! Without a doubt the very best customer service I have ever received. Better still, the memorial diamonds we made are absolutely beautiful!

Kevin was amazing. He took the time to explain the whole process and answer all of our questions in superb detail. Hoping for two diamonds of a very specific size, wanting to safely hand deliver the ashes in person, all on a very tight schedule in time for our wedding – we knew we were asking a lot! The diamonds are perfectly stunning! I can think of no better way to honour my dearly loved friend whom I miss dearly.

Now I carry him with me forevermore. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so very much for everything you did for us!”

–Daniel Atkins

A Journey to Celebrate with Your Loved One

We want to start helping you celebrate life with your loved one through this remarkable process of Ashes Into Diamond. The ashes of your loved pets are growing into a diamond that you will be able to hold close to you forever.

Your loved Pet’s Journey Starts Here

Step 1 (From You)
Make a decision on your desired Ashes into Diamonds.

  • Make it from Ashes or Hair?
  • Diamond Carat (0.25 Carat to 1 Carat)
  • Diamond Cut (available from Brilliant Cut, Princess Cut or Emerald Cut)
  • Colour of the Diamond (Yellow, Blue or White)
  • Individual Laser Inscription with your words?

We are always here to answer any questions you have.
Perhaps arrange a video tour visiting our diamond growing lab before you make up your mind?


Step 2 (From You and Us)

Collecting your loved pets

Please reach out to us. We will visit you at your home and collect your pet’s ashes. We need 5 grams hair or 300 grams of cremation ashes to be ready. 

In the meanwhile, please contact us and fill in the purchase agreement and send it back to us. 

Step 3 (From Us)

A remarkable transformation, your diamond is growing (1-6 months)

Our lab will isolate the carbon and boron from the ashes or hair. Hair contains 51% of carbon compared to ashes which is 20%. We will increase purification to 99.99% and provide you with the highest quality and best diamond clarity (81% of our diamonds are VS1 or better).

Set the diamond into the growing cell and High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) of 60,000 bar and a temperature of 1,400 degrees.  Your Cremation Diamond is emerging!


Step 4 (From Us)

Cut and polish  – your diamond is almost ready! 
We will cut your diamond by a diamond specialist and insert your inscription. Provide you with a certificate of origin of carbon and the authenticity of the diamond. 
If you would like we can set your diamond into jewellery with our expert jeweller in the UK. 

Step 5 (From Us To You)

Your loved Pet is back home with you.
Make this day special, we will personally deliver your loved pet back home with you.