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Top 10 Most Heart Warming Pet Ashes Keepsake Ideas

When someone loses a pet it is close to losing a family member. We are wondering what are the best pet ashes Keepsake can you give when lost the best fluffy friend? It has to be a heartwarming token!

This month we were very close to losing our 13-year-old cat, Albert. Luckily, after a big operation and over two weeks of intensive care we managed to save him. We searched all over the internet and found the 10 most amazing heartwarming pet memorial gifts and pet memorial keepsakes.

1 Beautiful Pet Ashes Jewellery Keepsake

Pet ashes jewellery is the No 1 gift, it has a tiny discreet chamber that can store a token amount of pet’s ashes or hairs. There is no waiting time and doesn’t require any pictures, ashes or hair. Urn necklaces or charms look like normal jewellery and only have significant meanings to the Pet parents. If you wish to make it extra special you can always engrave a message or pet’s name on the pendant.

Cremation ashes jewellery is gaining in popularity over recent years, giving people a chance to commemorate and celebrate their loved ones.
Top 10 Most Heart Warming Pet Ashes Keepsake Ideas Cremation Jewellery

2. Pet Memorial Art Portrait with Big Personality

Many talented artists offer to paint your beloved pet. All you need to do is to send them a picture of the pet.

We love the stunning watercolour painting (Starts £25) of pet portraits from GiftoholicMe Etsy Shop. There are also popular shop TinyFluffyPaw  (Starts £20) that offer pet portraits in human costums to show off their big fluffy personality. These amazing arts can be hung in your house and treasured forever.
Top 10 Most Heart Warming Pet Ashes Keepsake Ideas Cremation Jewellery

3. Pet Memorial Living Urn Forever

The living urn is designed to grow beautiful living memory trees or a plant of flowers with cremated ashes of your loved pets. It is an extraordinary idea to feel that loved pets are still alive.

4. Perfect Pet Glass Photo Keepsake

We love the custom glass pet photo keepsake (Starts £20) from PersonalisedBeeGifts, you can customise the freestanding pet photo acrylic block. It will make a unique thoughtful pet keepsake gift and perfect for the fireplace stand.
Top 10 Most Heart Warming Pet Ashes Keepsake Ideas Cremation Jewellery

5. Christmas Ceramic Ornament Decoration Keepsake

If someone still wishes to have your pet with you every Christmas, we found this ceramic ornament decoration shop. A beautifully illustrated portrait of a pet in charcoal effect transferred onto a ceramic heart ornament decoration. ceramic ornaments are finished with ribbon and supplied in an organza bag. It makes a perfect gift for any pet lover or a touching remembrance keepsake for a much-missed member of the family.

6. Personalised Pet memorial Plant Pot with Seeds

Celebrate the wonderful pet with the personalised memorial plant pot from Letterfest – it can be engraved to order and available with flower or herb seeds to remember them always. Pet’s name engraved underneath a paw print with a personalised message below.

7. 3 D Pet Puzzle Keepsake Pet Ashes Keepsake

Our four-legged loved ones undoubtedly take a piece of our hearts from the moment they enter our lives—and this 3D puzzle piece, which features a custom pet photo printed directly onto a piece of solid wood, captures that sentiment perfectly. It also can be personalised with a message of your choosing, as well as the pet’s name and dates of remembrance to make it that much more touching.

8. Sponsor a Dog in Needs

To remember the best furry friend by starting to sponsor another pet in need of help.  Dogs Trust offers a program that will give you opportunities to help a dog with as little as £1 a week. And enjoy the updates from them three times a year. We’ll also send you a sponsorship pack, including a special photo certificate of your new pooch pal, two photo postcards, a window sticker and a fridge magnet.

9. Pet Memorial Diamond Keepsake

This is the most expensive option, and probably the most amazing pet keepsake gift. You can have the pet’s cremation ashes and hair turn into a real diamond.  Why not set the ashes diamond in an engagement ring or wedding ring, so you can keep your pet with you.

10. Name a Star in the Sky

There is a saying that if someone dies, you’ll find him or her among the stars. Name a real star after the loved pet. You will always see your fluffy friend when you look up at the sky. The personalized framed poster that contained your own words of tribute w. Unlike flowers or a fruit basket, this will serve as a constant reminder of their loved one.