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Ashes into Diamonds, Hair into Diamonds

Cremation Diamonds – Diamonds Made From Hair

We have long valued Diamonds  for their beauty, strength and longevity. Algordanza UK is very  pleased to launch the services of creating diamond from your loved one’s hair, and a range of Hair into Diamonds products.

We are now also offer” Origin Diamond” in case there is not enough created remains or hair available. A second carbon source can be introduced such as personal letter, diaries or photos. 

Cremation Diamonds honours the life of a loved one and provides an everlasting memorial keepsake. Algordanza has been creating cremation diamonds  for over a decade in 35 countries now.

Hair into Diamond provides an option for families to save some of their loved one’s hair and turn into a cremation diamond for remembrance.. Hairs are contain around 50 per cent carbon.  It  enables us to  create cremation diamond with the same process as ashes into diamond. This new services and product offering also appeals to families who may have shied away from the ashes into diamond due to religious beliefs.

Today, Algordanza has three cremation Diamonds services.

  • Algordanza PURE  — Create diamonds from your loved one’s ashes only.
  • Algordanza ORIGIN   — Create diamond from  two or more  carbon sources, e.g. Mixed of family Hair, Ashes, Diary or Photos
  • and Algordanza HAIR  — Create diamonds from your loved one’s hair only.

 We only need 5 grams of  hair (can be from body hair also).  Some of our customers have decided to mix with family members’ hairs when there are not enough hair or ashes.

For more information, please listing  Algordanza UK website or call  0800 064 6683, leave us a message!