The Purchase Guide of Jewellery Made From Ashes

The Purchase Guide of Jewellery Made From Ashes Cremation Jewellery

There are so many different types of Ashes into jewellery available. For example, from Cremation Ashes Diamonds, Ashes into glass, resin ash jewellery and Urn jewellery. As jewellery made from ashes now becomes more and more popular, it is important to understand what to consider what types of ashes jewellery are available and what to consider before you purchase one.

1. How would you like your loved one’s ashes or hair to be handled?

2. Material of memorial jewellery for ashes

3. What Type of ashes jewellery suits me?

4. Prices and value of the cremation jewellery?

5. What is the waiting time for bespoke cremation jewellery?

6. Secure delivery of your ashes and ready-made jewellery

1. How would you like your loved ones’ ashes to be handled?

If you want to leave your loved ones remains in peace. We recommend Urn jewellery, it is one of the best ways to keep the ashes as it is. There are various types of urn jewellery e.g. Ashes into Necklace, ashes ring, or Charms that hold ashes.  You will have the flexibility to scatter the ashes later if you wish.

If you don’t mind adding chemicals to the ashes: Cremation Diamonds are a good choice. Ash diamond providers extract carbon extraction from the ashes or hair, with a complex chemical process. Some of the diamond providers added chemicals to create different colours of the cremation diamond.

Ashes into glass and resin jewellery made from ashes normally layer the ashes into glass or resin adding colours and sparkles.

2. What is the ashes jewellery made of?

The Purchase Guide of Jewellery Made From Ashes Cremation Jewellery

If you wish to keep your loved ones ashes for a long time, it is important to understand the material hosting the ashes.

For Urn jewellery, precious metals are used for long-lasting purposes, hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver, 9K Gold and 18K Gold, and platinum are very reliable and durable metal materials. Our ashes necklaces are made from hallmarked precious metals, so you can be confident it will last a lifetime.

There are cheap ashes jewellery options such as stainless steel which is also resistant to tarnish and water. We do not recommend brass or copper and other metals which are very easy to tarnish, and not suitable for holding ashes.

Resin is effective plastic, it is resistant to water but standard resin is very brittle, we see it as inferior material, as it can break down over time and is not a suitable material for ashes holding.

Ashes to glass is a better option, but it is also fragile and needs to be treated with care.

Memorial Ashes diamonds normally have the same characteristics as natural diamonds, they may have inclusions and can break when set in the jewellery, however, it is extremely rare.

3. Type of Jewellery made from Ashes

There are so many ashes jewellery choices these days. You can choose ashes necklaces, ashes rings, ashes earrings or ashes bracelets charms, or even cufflinks for men. However, we don’t think all of them are suited for memorial jewellery.

You wouldn’t want to lose your loved ones’ ashes, so a secured jewellery piece is probably a better choice in this case. We would recommend ashes necklaces and ash rings over the others.

4. Jewellery made from ashes prices and value

There is a very controversial topic of how much resin ashes jewellery or glass jewellery made from ashes should cost considering the material itself is very cheap.

Does the producer really make ashes into diamonds from your loved ones’ ashes? Are they really worth 2-3 times the value of natural diamonds?

For urn jewellery, it is priced with the craftsmanship as well and the metal you choose, for an 18K solid gold pendant priced around £950 is definitely more valuable and durable than glass or resin.

Your loved one is priceless but there are extortionate price tags on some ashes jewellery. Not all are worth the price you are paying for.

5. Waiting time

For ready-made urn jewellery, we can send it to you within 1-2 business days. It is probably the best sympathy gift option. Bespoke material and designs could take up to 3 months.

If you opt for resin jewellery or ash in the glass there is a waiting time of up to 3 -5 months. For a cremation diamond to develop in the lab it could take up to 6 – 8 months.

6. Secure delivery of your ashes and jewellery

Our loved ones’ ashes have significant meaning. The last thing you want is them to be lost in the post as it is definitely irreplaceable.

For urn jewellery, you can self-fill the ashes yourself, without risking losing ashes in the post. If you don’t feel comfortable your funeral director can help you too.

If you decide to go for resin ashes jewellery or ashes into glass, they will post you a small container and you will need to send the ashes by post. Then later they will send the ashes jewellery back to you.

For cremation diamonds, if the company doesn’t offer personal collection and delivery. You will have to place your faith in the delivery company and post over 500 grams of ashes.