How to Fill Ash Pendant

Please follow the steps on how to fill the ash pendant. As well as keep the ashes secure inside of your urn jewellery. Please make sure you read the instructions thoroughly before proceeding. If you don’t feel comfortable touching ashes, you can always ask your local funeral directors to help you.

There is a list of things you will need to fill your cremation jewellery: –
1. A small funnel (We will supply)
2. Adhesive glue
3. Toothpick or similar stick to control the distribution of adhesive glue (We will supply)
4. Tiny screwdriver
A clean area to work on

Step 1 Remove the Cap of Ashes Pendant

How to Fill Ash Pendant Cremation Jewellery

Unscrew the threaded cap. Normally the ash jewellery bail is a discreet thread cap.

Alternative you can find a small screw on the side of the pendant. You can unscrew it by hand or screwdriver.

Step 2. Put the provided funnel up to the opening of the ash pendant.

How to Fill Ash Pendant Cremation Jewellery

Fill the ashes pendant, however, to ensure there is space and you can place the threaded cap back in.

You can fill the pendant only fill up to 80%, and do not fill to the top.

Also, you need to make sure you can close the pendant by the screw properly.

Step 3. Make a Permanent Seal of Ash Pendant

How to Fill Ash Pendant Cremation Jewellery

(Only do this if you wish to make a permanent seal.)
Start screwing the threaded cap into the ash pendant as shown on the right-hand side.

Apply a small amount of glue to the tip of the toothpick and transfer that onto the thread.

Step 4. Secure the Ash Pendant

How to Fill Ash Pendant Cremation Jewellery

Quickly thread the screw into the urn pendant.

If your jewellery has a bail screw, please make sure the eyelet opening is not facing forward. This will cause your pendant to hang incorrectly and twist.

The eyelet opening should go sideways as shown in the second illustration in the picture.

Step 5. Ready to Wear

How to Fill Ash Pendant Cremation Jewellery

You have now successfully filled and glued your ash jewellery.

We recommend that you wait for 24 hours, and let the glue dry before wearing the urn necklace.