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How to choose a Cremation Diamond Provider?


How to choose a Cremation Diamond Provider?

1. Transparency of Production

One of the most important factors is to check if you can visit or personally deliver ashes or hair to the laboratory. Looking at online images and watching videos are definitely not sufficient to guarantee the genuine product or service. Any credible company would be able to explain and provide transparency of their production process to their customers. 


2. Certification of Authenticity

Certain certification e.g. GIA can guarantee and certify the diamond is lab made, however can not guarantee it is made from your loved one’s ashes. Additional certifications from independent bodies e.g. ISO certificate, notarial certification, and national funeral services membership should bring you a peace of mind.

3. Customer Reviews

It is always reassuring to hear what previous customers said about the product and service. It is easy to validate these recommendations via social media platforms.  

4. Understand Creation Process and Product

A genuine memorial diamond should only be created from carbon found in cremation ashes or hair in a high tech lab under an HPHT machine, and it normally takes 4-8 months to grow.  It is important to make sure your diamond is NOT: – 

  • A chemical vapour deposition diamond – hydrocarbon gas such as methane, not carbon from hair or ash. The normal process time only takes several hours. 
  • An existing diamond injected with ashes – Some diamonds are inserted with ashes into an existing diamond.
  • A diamond simulant (ie. Gem, Crystal or Zircons) – They are not real diamonds, a real memorial diamond should be certified with the same characteristics as real diamonds. 


5. Price vs. Service and Product 

The memorial diamond price should reflect its product and service comparable to a standard burial, which could cost around £3,000 to £8,000  (Average funeral in the SE of England).


How does Algordanza Guarantee


  • Memorial Diamond Provider offering production transparency and lab visits.
  • ISO Certificated Memorial Diamond provider maintaining and committed to the professional body standards.
  • Notarial Certificated by a notarial certified partner confirming diamond is made from cremation ashes alone. 
  • A member of the Swiss Association of Funeral Services (SVB – Membership)
  • HPHT (High Pressure High temperature) Algordanza Memorial Diamond machines
  • High quality service and product memorial diamond provider, with true price reflection. 
  • Great traceable customer reviews with global presence in 35 countries.


  • Memorial Diamond provider hiding their production, who can only offer online images and videos. 
  • Unregulated Memorial Diamond producer.
  • Memorial  Diamond company who can only provide GIA certificate (only demonstrate grade and finish of the diamond), however cannot guarantee the diamond was made from your loved ones’ ashes or hair.
  • Not registered or regulated with any reputable Funeral services.
  • CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) Diamond 
  • Off-the-shelf diamond with ashes injection.
  • Cheaper diamond not made from ashes with no authentic guarantees.
  • With fake customer reviews