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Diamonds are Forever with Algordanza

Diamonds are Forever with Algordanza

Turn the cremated remains of a loved one into a diamond and unique “in memoriam” object
Posted on January 22, 2014 by MaryFrances Knapp (Blog Writer, SevenPonds)

“Every diamond from each person is slightly different. It’s always unique,” explains Ronaldo Willy, the founder of Swiss company Algordanza. Thanks to Willy, family members can now carry more than a memory of a loved one with them,  they can carry Grandma herself. In memoriam never looked so dazzling. And with over 900 remembrance diamonds created annually, Algordanza considers itself to be a stand-out player in today’s flurry of end of life options. In 2013 alone, we’ve learned that we could become part of a coral reef or a planted tree; a man-made cloud or interred in a skyscraper cemetery.

Algordanza is different. It’s just as innovative, but it’s also a firm guardian of the familiar, upholding the memorial tradition of  the family heirloom.

“It’s a wonderful and ageless alliance to a beloved person.”
Algordanza on its cremation diamonds

The Algordanza lab.

A natural diamond is formed deep within the Earth’s mantle, surfacing after millions of years through a volcanic eruption. Algordanza recreates a similar phenomenon at a toasty 2000 degrees Fahrenheit to make their memorial diamonds, in which a loved one’s cremation ashes are reduced to carbon and compressed for weeks.

“They are solely generated from the cremation ashes handed over  without any additives and admixtures.”

Most of the diamonds are ordered by family members for their loved ones, Willy says, but on occasion, people come to them with their own end of life plans in mind.

An Algordanza diamond.

There’s also an element in Algordanza’s cremated stones that you can’t find in any other natural or man-made diamond: they turn out blue. Due to the fact that humans contain varying amounts of boron, there are endless variations in colour for each person’s stone. The colour brings an appropriate air to the in memoriam object by evoking at once serenity, somberness and reflection. That there are unique shades for each diamond only adds to the gem’s role as an extension of the loved one’s individuality, a final, eternal thumbprint. For more info email the MD at