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Top 10 Most Heart Warming Pet Ashes Keepsake Ideas

When someone loses a pet it is close to losing a family member. We are wondering what are the best pet ashes Keepsake can you give when lost the best fluffy friend? It has to be a heartwarming token!

This month we were very close to losing our 13-year-old cat, Albert. Luckily, after a big operation and over two weeks of intensive care we managed to save him. We searched all over the internet and found the 10 most amazing heartwarming pet memorial gifts and pet memorial keepsakes.

1 Beautiful Pet Ashes Jewellery Keepsake

Pet ashes jewellery is the No 1 gift, it has a tiny discreet chamber that can store a token amount of pet’s ashes or hairs. There is no waiting time and doesn’t require any pictures, ashes or hair. Urn necklaces or charms look like normal jewellery and only have significant meanings to the Pet parents. If you wish to make it extra special you can always engrave a message or pet’s name on the pendant.

Cremation ashes jewellery is gaining in popularity over recent years, giving people a chance to commemorate and celebrate their loved ones.
Top 10 Most Heart Warming Pet Ashes Keepsake Ideas Cremation Jewellery

2. Pet Memorial Art Portrait with Big Personality

Many talented artists offer to paint your beloved pet. All you need to do is to send them a picture of the pet.

We love the stunning watercolour painting (Starts £25) of pet portraits from GiftoholicMe Etsy Shop. There are also popular shop TinyFluffyPaw  (Starts £20) that offer pet portraits in human costums to show off their big fluffy personality. These amazing arts can be hung in your house and treasured forever.
Top 10 Most Heart Warming Pet Ashes Keepsake Ideas Cremation Jewellery

3. Pet Memorial Living Urn Forever

The living urn is designed to grow beautiful living memory trees or a plant of flowers with cremated ashes of your loved pets. It is an extraordinary idea to feel that loved pets are still alive.

4. Perfect Pet Glass Photo Keepsake

We love the custom glass pet photo keepsake (Starts £20) from PersonalisedBeeGifts, you can customise the freestanding pet photo acrylic block. It will make a unique thoughtful pet keepsake gift and perfect for the fireplace stand.
Top 10 Most Heart Warming Pet Ashes Keepsake Ideas Cremation Jewellery

5. Christmas Ceramic Ornament Decoration Keepsake

If someone still wishes to have your pet with you every Christmas, we found this ceramic ornament decoration shop. A beautifully illustrated portrait of a pet in charcoal effect transferred onto a ceramic heart ornament decoration. ceramic ornaments are finished with ribbon and supplied in an organza bag. It makes a perfect gift for any pet lover or a touching remembrance keepsake for a much-missed member of the family.

6. Personalised Pet memorial Plant Pot with Seeds

Celebrate the wonderful pet with the personalised memorial plant pot from Letterfest – it can be engraved to order and available with flower or herb seeds to remember them always. Pet’s name engraved underneath a paw print with a personalised message below.

7. 3 D Pet Puzzle Keepsake Pet Ashes Keepsake

Our four-legged loved ones undoubtedly take a piece of our hearts from the moment they enter our lives—and this 3D puzzle piece, which features a custom pet photo printed directly onto a piece of solid wood, captures that sentiment perfectly. It also can be personalised with a message of your choosing, as well as the pet’s name and dates of remembrance to make it that much more touching.

8. Sponsor a Dog in Needs

To remember the best furry friend by starting to sponsor another pet in need of help.  Dogs Trust offers a program that will give you opportunities to help a dog with as little as £1 a week. And enjoy the updates from them three times a year. We’ll also send you a sponsorship pack, including a special photo certificate of your new pooch pal, two photo postcards, a window sticker and a fridge magnet.

9. Pet Memorial Diamond Keepsake

This is the most expensive option, and probably the most amazing pet keepsake gift. You can have the pet’s cremation ashes and hair turn into a real diamond.  Why not set the ashes diamond in an engagement ring or wedding ring, so you can keep your pet with you.

10. Name a Star in the Sky

There is a saying that if someone dies, you’ll find him or her among the stars. Name a real star after the loved pet. You will always see your fluffy friend when you look up at the sky. The personalized framed poster that contained your own words of tribute w. Unlike flowers or a fruit basket, this will serve as a constant reminder of their loved one.

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The Ultimate Cremation Ashes Jewelry Guide

The ultimate guide of purchasing cremation ashes Jewelry

The Ultimate Cremation Ashes Jewelry Guide Cremation Jewellery

Cremation ashes jewellery is gaining in popularity over recent years, giving people a chance to commemorate and celebrate their loved ones.

In this ultimate guide we will explain: – 

What cremation ashes jewellery is, make, material and prices

How this might help you in this difficult journey.

As well as provide you with some commonly asked questions.

1. What is Ash Jewelry?

1.1 Brief History of Ashes Jewelry

Many might think ashes jewelry is a new idea, but ashes jewellery has actually existed as early as the Victorian era (1800). Victorians called it “mourning jewellery”. They kept small amounts of hair or bones inside their rings or necklaces to memorialise and celebrate loved ones.

1.2 Today’s Cremation Ash Jewellery

Cremation ash jewellery also known as memorial jewelry, self filled ash jewelry, ashes into jewelry or urn jewelry. As memorial jewelry creates a very unique personal connection with loved ones, it also helps people overcome grief. Therefore, it is now becoming more and more popular.

There are a few very popular types of ash jewellery available in the market. We will explain each of them in detail including their prices.

2. Urn Jewelry

2.1 What is Urn Jewelry?

Urn jewelry is also called self filled cremation jewellery. It is like a tiny urn, and these are very popular choices. For example, ash pendant, or ash ring or ash bracelet charms.

The Ultimate Cremation Ashes Jewelry Guide Cremation Jewellery

2.2 How Does Urn Jewellery Work?

Urn jewellery will normally have a secret hollow chamber. You can insert ashesby removing a threaded screw. The screw might be disguised as the bail at the top of the pendant, or on the side or bottom of the cremation pendant.

Common materials used for urn jewellery are tarnish resistant and long durable metal such as: –

Solid gold (9K or 18K)

Gold plated over sterling silver

925 sterling silver

Stainless steel

Therefore, you can fill a token small amount of ashes or hair discreetly inside of the jewelry. You can add other remembrance small objects inside, e.g. your own hair, a small message, as well as dirt or sand from both of your favourite locations.

2.3 Why is Urn Jewellery so Popular?

Urn jewellery is one of the most popular choices, that is because: –

It looks like normal jewellery but it is a very discreet and private way to keep your loved one’s ashes close to you and keep the connection. Ashes into glass and resin normally expose the ashes that may be offensive to some.

The Ultimate Cremation Ashes Jewelry Guide Cremation Jewellery

In some cultures it is unforgivable to disrupt the peace of the loved ones. Putting some of the ashes through chemical treatment or freeze into resin or glass could be disrespectful. With urn ash jewelry, you can keep the ashes as it is, and scatter it when you are ready to let go.

You really don’t need to worry about your loved ones ashes forever lost in the postal system. Urn jewellery companies provide self fill kits so you can fill your ashes jewelry yourself or ask your funeral director to fill the cremation ash pendant for you.

2.5 Price of the Cremation Ashes Urn Jewelry ?

Price of Cremation Ash Urn jewellery is mainly dependent on the material used and craftsmanship.

Stainless steel urn jewelry start from £25 up to £60.

925 sterling silver ashes jewelry is normally around £120.

18K gold plated ashes jewellery is around £150.

9ct and 18ct solid gold ashes jewelry start around £450 and £950 respectively.

3. Ashes into Glass

3.1 What is Ashes into Glass Jewelry?

Ashes into glass is also one of the most popular choices. The ashes into the glass company will ask you to post a spoonful of ashes. It is worth noting in the UK you can only send up to a maximum of 50g of ashes with restrictions on packaging.

The glass master heats the glass to liquid molten form (approx 1400 C to 1600 C), and then layers a small amount of ashes, and coloured glass crystal inside.

The Ultimate Cremation Ashes Jewelry Guide Cremation Jewellery

It is important to find an expert with glass masters skills so they don’t create cracks or bubbles in the glass. Once the glass is cooled down, glass masters will polish and cut to the right form of glass beads for jewelry settings.

Ashes are normally visible through the glass. Then later the jeweller will set the glass stone into an ash ring, ashes pendant, ashes bracelet and even ashes earrings.

3.2 Why is Ash into Glass Jewelry so Popular?

Ash glass jewelry has varieties of colours and styles, it has generally good quality and longevity and much tougher compared to resin.

However your loved one’s ashes are visible, some find this beautiful but others might find it disrespectful to the loved ones. It can be done tastefully with the right company.

3.3 Price of Glass Ashes Jewelry ?

Despite the glass material cost being very low and only a small amount of precious metal being used, silver rings start from £300 and can go over £1,000 depending on the type of jewelry materials and setting.

4. Cremation Diamond Ash Jewelry

Also known as diamonds from ashes, cremation diamonds, or memorial diamonds.

Cremation diamond companies normally require 200g to 500g of ashes or 5g of hair posted or delivered to them. Only 1 or 2 companies offer personal collocation of ashes in order to generate one or more diamonds.

Technicians extract pure carbon out of human ashes or hair from a lab environment, and grow cremation diamonds from HPHT (high pressure high temperature) machines. It normally takes around 6-8 months for the diamond to form.

The Ultimate Cremation Ashes Jewelry Guide Cremation Jewellery

The cremation diamond can later be set into bespoke jewelry such as necklaces or rings. It is a remarkable product but very expensive for average income households with prices starting at £2000 for a small diamond.

There are many ashes into diamond suppliers that have presences globally. They are Algordanza, Lonite, Heart in Diamond, Eterneva, LifeGem, and Ever Dear.

As the technology is relatively new it is important to consider the following before you purchase a diamond from ashes: –

4.1 Transparency of Production

Is my diamond really made from my loved ones’ ashes?

One of the most important factors is to check if you can visit or personally deliver ashes or hair to the laboratory. Looking at online images and watching videos are definitely not sufficient to guarantee the genuine product or service. Any credible company would be able to explain and provide transparency of their production process to their customers.

4.2 Certification of Authenticity

Certain certification e.g.GIA can guarantee and certify the diamond is lab made, however this does not guarantee it is made from your loved one’s ashes. Additional certifications from independent bodies e.g. ISO certificate, notarial certification, and national funeral services membership should bring you a peace of mind.

4.3 Customer Reviews

It is always reassuring to hear what previous customers said about the product and service. Make sure to validate these recommendations via social media platforms. As well as to see how genuine the reviews are with authentic images and not some generic review made by the company in question.

4.4 Understand Creation Process and Product

A genuine memorial diamond should only be created from carbon found in cremation ashes or hair in a high tech lab under an HPHT machine, and it normally takes 5-8 months to grow. It is important to make sure your diamond is NOT:

A chemical vapour deposition diamond – hydrocarbon gas such as methane, not carbon from hair or ashes. The normal process time only takes several hours.

An existing diamond injected with ashes – Some diamonds are inserted with ashes into an existing diamond.

A diamond simulate (ie. Gem, Crystal or Zircons) – They are not real diamonds, a real memorial diamond should be certified with the same characteristics as mined diamonds.

4.5 Price vs. Service and Product

The memorial diamond price should reflect its product and service comparable to a standard burial, which could cost around £3,000 to £10,000 (average funeral in the SE of England).

5. Resin Cremation Jewelry

Resin cremation jewelry shops would ask you to post for a small amount of ashes.

The process of making resin ash jewelry is similar to ashes into glass. Jewelry makers normally mix a small part of ashes with liquid resin and sparkles. And then pour the mix in a mould to dry. Lastly, set hardened resin as part of a ring or pendant.

Resin is resistant to water and bacteria and relatively durable, however resins are relatively brittle despite the shop claims.

If ashes or hair is the only reminder you are left of your loved ones. We don’t recommend use resin as material for keeping your loved ones’ ashes. Your loved ones’ ashes are on display as part of resin. Therefore, we do not recommend it.

However, resin memorial jewellery is definitely one of the cheapest materials, easily accessible from craft shops or amazon. There are DIY videos on how to make your own resin ash jewellery. 

Despite the cheap resin, most of the resin jewelry are still around £150 – £200 on the market.

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The Ultimate Diamond Engagement Ring

The Best Diamond Engagement Ring

Made from yours and your partners hair

The Ultimate Diamond Engagement Ring Cremation Jewellery

Year 1477, Archduke Maximillian commissioned the first diamond engagement ring. Since then diamonds have long become the symbol of love & eternity.

Have you ever seen a woman’s face when she put a diamond ring on for the first time? While diamonds have long been associated with the happiest memories in the life. We wonder what is the best or ultimate diamond engagement ring out there?

So what can be more special than making an engagement diamond from both of your hairs? or even more specially from your lost ones ashes if you want them there with you for your big day?

Really? is it even possible? The answer is Yes it is!

From a Company makes a diamond from your hair

Algordanza (Switzerland) is the leader in the synthetic diamond field, who is specialist in making diamonds from extracted carbon of hair or cremation ashes. Since 2018, Algordanza has been offering celebration diamonds made from hair or loved one’s ashes.

Mined diamonds are formed naturally through a combination of heat pressure and time, growing deep under ground till earth movement ready to be excavated. Where lab diamond are recreated Using high-tech machines. Engineers can transform the carbon from human hair or human ashes into diamond gems that are physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds.’ Nation Geographic.

Erm …Why Lab grow diamond?

1. Ethical and environmental friendly diamond

Why are mined diamond unethical ? While diamond ring could make someone the happiest days in their life, it could also be the source of so much suffering for others. The beautiful mined gem represent with love and eternity  can trace back to forced labor, human rights abuse, habitat destruction and water pollution. 

These blood diamonds were used to fund military actions in the devastating civil wars in western and central Africa. 

Look through internet of the diamond mining, Mir mine as enormous hole with 1,200 meters across and visible from the space, it creates devastating impact to the environment and natural habitat.

With lab diamond you can still find the diamond of your dreams with out the ethical implication. Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties and naturally mined diamond.  Even the diamond expert unable to tell the difference optically. If you are not convinced we invite you to visit our lab in Switzerland and see for yourself!

2.Celebrate with deeper meaning

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

We see the trend of the upper coming generation of “soon to be weds” are very savvy and soon to be weds are happy to switch to diamonds are ethical and environmental friendly.  Specially celebrate your big day with a diamond created from your hairs or the cremation ashes loved ones if they can’t be there on your big day.

Hair contains 51% of the carbon, and cremation ashes contains around 20% carbon.  Once we received your hair in our lab in Switzerland need least 500g of ashes or 5g of the hair, isolate of carbon and turn into diamond under HPHT process. It could take up to 8 months for your diamond grow.

3. Ready to order one?

Order a diamond for you and your loved one is easy. Follow our ordering process here!

Decide on the source of your diamond? Hair or Loved ones ashes?

Decide on the cut and size of your diamond

Email:  Click to Call 0800 0646683 (Free of Charge)

Sign the contract to protect both of us, put down 50% of deposit

Post or we will collect the ashes or hair personally

Wait the diamond to grow …. we will keep you informed with the stage

Now your diamond is ready !  We will deliver your loved one back to you!

Set your diamond in the ring

Our Customer Say

We had couple turned the loved one’s ashes into their wedding rings, here is what Daniel Atkins said: –

“I cannot recommend Algordanza highly enough! Without a doubt the very best customer service I have ever received. Better still, the memorial diamonds we had made are absolutely beautiful!

Kevin was amazing. He took the time to explain the whole process and answer all of our questions in superb detail. Hoping for two diamonds of a very specific size, wanting to safely hand deliver the ashes in person, all on a very tight schedule in time for our wedding – we knew we were asking a lot! But Kevin and his team at Algordanza bent over backwards to make this happen.

We scheduled a time and date to go over to Switzerland and visit their facility. Everything was made so easy for us. From which train to get on from the airport, to where the taxi would be at the other end. Even turn by turn directions to where we could find the tax reclaim office at the airport on the way back – something that never would have occurred to me.

I’d also like to mention Alana whom was equally delightful. She was there to great me as I arrived, discreetly helped me separate the ashes, and gave me a full tour of their facility before helping me with a taxi to my next destination.

The diamonds are perfectly stunning! I can think of no better way to honour my dearly loved friend whom I miss dearly. Now I carry him with me for evermore.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so very much for everything you did for us!”


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Effects of Grief & Overcoming it

Effects of Grief & Overcoming it Cremation Jewellery

Effects of Grief of losing loved one and how to overcoming it

An enquiry for a cremation jewellery and ashes into diamond from Janet Jones has lead to an upcoming radio interview on UK health radio with Janet who is the host of The Good Grief ConversationWith her podcasts, Janet takes you on an inspiring journey, with authors, healers, psychologists, scientists and more.

“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.” Laurel K Hamilton

After suffering personal loss Janet understands the importance of dealing with grief, when good and ready too, and in your own way. 

What does grief feel like?

Grieving is a process as unique as every individual who experiences it.  Most people feel deep sadness or depression, shock denial or numbness, even angry and overwhelmed. There really is no right or wrong ways to feel following a loss.

Common physical symptoms of grief  are the results of emotional distress, may include:  A hollow feeling in your stomach, a tightness in the chest or throat. Some experiences of oversensitivity to noise, feeling tired and weak. As well as a lack of energy, change in eating and sleeping patterns and even aches and pains.

There are some tips for dealing with grief

1. Maintain good health. 

It may seem impossible to think about maintaining good health when it’s difficult to simply get through each day. It’s okay to just go through the motions at first (fake it until you make it). It is normal to struggle at the beginning. 

2. Be kind and patient to yourself. 

Be gentle with yourself, and take as much time as possible, don’t try keep busy, but do things will help you smooth your mind. Don’t rush to feel past grief, take as long as you need.  It is important is coming to terms with loss at your own pace and own way and also understanding your missed ones

4. Physical Reminder

Sometimes a physical reminder like pictures or mementoes of your loved one will help you feel the connection.

The idea of an ash urn necklace, or ash ring would establish a real sense personally connection.  Most people see and feel physical presence is lovingly reassuring. A beautiful pendants holding a small amount of cremation ashes keeping your loved ones close and overcome the darker days.

5. Exercise and outdoor air

Walking for five minutes every day, and then gradually increasing the amount of time you walk.

6. Good Companionship and peer support

Don’t forget about social connections, which are crucial to good health. Stay in touch with friends and loved ones. Try to get out of your house and spend time with others, even if it’s to talk about your grief.

On a personal level I have been to Death Cafe meet-ups in London  to talk about death, and life, in a relaxed and open setting. Their objective is ‘to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives’.  It is a discussion group rather than a grief support or counselling session.

7. Asking for professional help

Sometimes we stuck in our deep grief and we need help on our physical and mental help, we need professional help to us to overcome.  There a support organisation such as cruse bereavement care or talk to your GP for more medical help. 

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5 Things to Avoid When Buying Cremation Ashes into Diamond

Cremation ashes diamond, also known as memorial diamond or ashes into diamond.  The extraordinary ashes diamond price starts from £2,000 in the UK, and requires as much as 500 g of your loved ones ashes.

There are many ashes diamond suppliers globally. They are Algordanza, Lonite, Heart in Diamond, Eterneva, LifeGem, and Ever Dear.

5 Things to Avoid When Buying Cremation Ashes into Diamond Cremation Jewellery

With so many cremation diamond providers, our customers very often ask: “How do I choose a the best Cremation Diamond Provider? and What to Avoid when buying an ashes into diamond”  There are few important factors to consider when you decide on one: –

Transparency of the ash diamond production process

  • Understand the certification differences 
  • Existing customers reviews
  • Understand the ashes diamond creation process 
  • What does the prices and services includes?

1. Transparency of Cremation Diamond Production

One of the most important factors is to check if you can visit or personally deliver ashes or hair to the laboratory. Looking at online images and watching videos are definitely not sufficient to guarantee the genuine products or services. Any credible company would be able to explain and provide transparency of their production process to their customers.

If they don’t offer this, normally means they are trying to hide something, or they don’t have the technology and expert knowledge to make the ash diamonds.  You could received a cheap lab diamond but not an ash diamond made from your loved ones’ ashes. This is devastating not knowing where the loved ones remains were treated.  CONTACT US now to book a tour.

5 Things to Avoid When Buying Cremation Ashes into Diamond Cremation Jewellery

2. Ashes Diamond Certification of Authenticity

Understand the certification. Most popular diamond certification GIA can guarantee and certify the diamond laboratory grown diamond, its report include standard colour clarity and cut grading, as well as the type of grown process, CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) or HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature), also will indicate if there is evidence of post grown treatments to change the colour.

however GIA CAN NO  guarantee it is made from your loved one’s ashes.

Customers should look for additional certifications from independent bodies e.g. ISO certificate, notarial certification, and national funeral services membership should bring you a peace of mind.

3. Customer Reviews

It is always reassuring to hear what previous customers said about the product and service. It is easy to validate these recommendations via google or social media platforms. Read Our customers reviews. 

4. Understand Ashes Diamond & Its Creation Process

A genuine memorial diamond should only be created from carbon found in cremation ashes or hair in a high tech lab under an HPHT machine, and it normally takes 6-8 months to grow. It is important to make sure your diamond is NOT

A chemical vapour deposition diamond- hydrocarbon gas such as methane, not carbon from hair or ash. The normal process time only takes several hours.

An existing diamond injected with ashes- Some diamonds are inserted with ashes into an existing diamond.

A diamond simulate (ie. Gem, Crystal or Zircons) – They are not real diamonds, a real memorial diamond grown from lab should be certified with the same characteristics as real mined diamonds.

5. Ashes Diamonds Price vs. Service and Product

The ashes diamond price should reflect its product and service comparable to a standard burial, which could cost around£3,000 to £8,000 (Average funeral in the SE of England).

Look out for hidden cost of ash diamonds providers. such as personal pick up and delivery of ashes. Certification cost as well as starter kits.


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From diamonds to rockets, mourning the dead has gotten high-tech

Diamonds from ashes, mourning the dead has gotten high-tech

Throughout history, people have devised elaborate ways to memorialise the loved ones. From the pyramids of Egypt, Europe’s Gothic mausoleums, the Taj Mahal in India. What some mourners consider meaningful, others might call macabre.

In 19th-century Europe and America, death photography produced portraits of the departed in lifelike poses; in the Tibetan Buddhist rite known as sky burial or;bya gtor (alms for the birds), earthly remains are set out to feed vultures.

Notions about honouring the dead are shaped by many factors; culture, tradition, geography, religion. But the notion is one thing, and the execution is another. In every era, it’s the available technology that determines our range of memorial options.

The intersections of death and technology have long been busy crossroads. In these early years of the 21st century, they’re getting really interesting. Because I write about science and technology for a living, I’ve lingered at these intersections, observing the innovations: digital memorials on social media, eco-friendly green burial options, even interactive tombstones.

Among the tech-savvy options for modern decedents, one stands out because it’s so genuinely weird. Thanks to startling advances in industrial engineering, we can now synthetically re-create colossal geological forces to shape our ultimate destiny on this planet. It’s gratuitous and extreme and wonderful: We can turn our mortal remains into diamonds. Real diamonds from your loved ones ashes.

Several companies worldwide now offer services to families that have the notion, and the resources, to memorialise their loved ones in arguably the most permanent way possible. The Swiss company Algordanza is one of them.

Using high-tech heavy-industry machines, engineers can transform the carbon from human ashes into diamond gems that are physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds. The geologic process that otherwise takes hundreds of millions of years can now be managed in weeks.

It works like this: After the cremation, the bereaved family ships one pound of ashes to Algordanza’s laboratory in Switzerland. Scientists process the ashes to extract the pure carbon elements and remove other impurities. (The remaining ashes are shipped back.) From there, Algordanza uses the same tools Mother Nature uses to make diamonds: heat and pressure.

In the next step, the carbon ashes are converted into graphite, a stable allotrope of carbon in which the atoms are packed into tight, flat sheets. Then the carbon settles down for a long bake inside Algordanza’s high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) machines. Temperatures rise as high as about 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit. For comparison, consider that cast iron melts at about 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then there’s the pressure. Within the HPHT machine, a system of cubic presses exerts a force of 870,000 pounds per square inch on the graphite, gradually changing the molecular structure and transforming the carbon into pure diamond.

To be clear, these diamonds aren’t just similar to a natural diamond; they are identical down to the atomic level. The gem that emerges can be kept in its rough state or cut and polished by Algordanza’s specialists.

The entire operation from, initial receipt of ashes to final delivery of the diamond, typically takes five to eight months. The company processes approximately 1,000 memorial diamonds a year and has representatives in 34 countries.

Algordanza offers packages with prices starting at £2,000 for uncut 0.3 ct rough Diamond.

Source – National Geographic

For more information contact UK Algordanza, Managing Director, Kevin Foy.
0800 0646683

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What jewellery setting is appropriate for a memorial diamond?

| Cremation Jewellery For Your Diamond

Jewellery is not compulsory when it comes to a cremation diamond. Many clients actually just get the cremation diamond itself. This option is typically picked by clients who plan on placing the memorial diamond at home.

Many clients do, however, choose to have the diamond with them, therefore, we can recommend our jeweler who will help you design your own cremation ring or a stunning cremation necklace to hold your diamond and loved one close to you at all times. Here are few examples, hope it will help you make your decision.

| Cremation Jewellery Ring

Rings have been used to symbolize everything from devotion, fidelity and eternity, also to the representation of a deity. The most common use of rings today is the denotation of love in engagements and weddings.

A cremation jewellery ring is portable and easy to wear, setting a memorial diamond on to a ring or even set on to an existing wedding or engagement ring is one of our most popular choices.

Our recommended jeweller can help you decide on the ring designs and highlights uniqueness of your personal memorial diamond. Your choice of ring settings is very important, it will determine to some extent what kind of diamond finishes you decide on.

To help you figure out what you want, it is useful to take a look at Algordanza customers’s cremation rings, and we list out some very popular ring styles for you.

| Cremation Jewellery Pendant

Pendant comes from old french pendre and Latin word pedere both meaning to hang down. Diamond pendant necklaces are often given as a symbol of love, specifically eternal love.

Often our customers choose a cremation jewellery pendant with their memorial diamond because they want to wear their personal memorial diamond close to their heart, and can carry it with them at all times. A diamond pendant makes for a stunning and meaningful gift for any special occasion, and heirloom to pass down through many generations.

Our recommended jeweler can help you decide on your pendant designs, a pendant is an especially great setting for memorial rough diamonds.

To help you decide on what you want, please take a look at Algordanza customer’s pendants, we have listed out some very popular pendant styles for you.

| Cremation Jewellery Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are a perfect versatile piece of jewellery. One of our customers who decided on the earrings said she feels like her parents are talking to her when she wears them! Diamond stud settings tend to be classic, however there are slight variations depending on the diamond cut/shape. Here are a few examples:

| Other Cremation Jewellery

Apart from pendants and rings, you can also have your memorial diamonds set on to a bracelet, pins, and cufflinks, our recommended jeweler will help you to decide on your jewellery. Take a look at some of the inspirational images from our customers:

Call us on 0800 0646683  to book a free consultation, we will walk you through the process and service. #algordanzauk

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Wearing Cremation Jewellery

Wearing Cremation Jewellery

How do you feel wearing cremation jewellery? Everyone deals with loss and grief in their own way. If cremation jewellery brings comfort and peace, then why not go with it.

In doing a little research, I bumped into Casey who shared her story after her father had passed away. Casey’s experience is a good illustration. When my father died, he didn’t have any heirloom necklaces or rings to pass on. Believe it or not, I got the idea for a cremation necklace from a TV show. I thought a necklace for ashes that I could wear every day would be a cool way to remember him. I don’t tell a lot of people about this because it is a touchy subject, but to me, it’s comforting. Casey realises that some might find it odd, so opts for discretion, while finding personal meaning wearing the pendant.

Pet owners are often drawn to pet memorial jewellery, which seems less burdened with dogma (no pun intended). It brings a comforting, even playful, presence to the wearer, and people are generally more accepting of it.

In TED talk, Beyond Closure: The Space Between Joy and Grief, Nancy Berns, Ph.D., posits that closure is a fabricated concept. We don’t need closure to heal. Furthermore, closure actually distorts grieving.

As humans, we have the capacity to carry joy and grief at the same time. So what would happen if, rather than telling people to put a lid on their pain, we open the box and listen to people’s stories, says Dr Berns.

We don’t aim to leave grief behind by finding closure instead, we lend a hand in learning to live and move forward with grief. In a poignant example, Dr Berns says that in photography and art, it is the shadows that give depth and meaning. Thus, it is light and shadows, joy and grief, that entwine to enrich the dimensions or our humanity.

So, all in all, it does go down to personal choice. For most, cremation jewellery keeps a connection between their loved ones and keeps memories alive with also wearing a beautiful piece of jewellery.

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Ashes into Diamonds, Hair into Diamonds

Cremation Diamonds – Diamonds Made From Hair

We have long valued Diamonds  for their beauty, strength and longevity. Algordanza UK is very  pleased to launch the services of creating diamond from your loved one’s hair, and a range of Hair into Diamonds products.

We are now also offer” Origin Diamond” in case there is not enough created remains or hair available. A second carbon source can be introduced such as personal letter, diaries or photos. 

Cremation Diamonds honours the life of a loved one and provides an everlasting memorial keepsake. Algordanza has been creating cremation diamonds  for over a decade in 35 countries now.

Hair into Diamond provides an option for families to save some of their loved one’s hair and turn into a cremation diamond for remembrance.. Hairs are contain around 50 per cent carbon.  It  enables us to  create cremation diamond with the same process as ashes into diamond. This new services and product offering also appeals to families who may have shied away from the ashes into diamond due to religious beliefs.

Today, Algordanza has three cremation Diamonds services.

  • Algordanza PURE  — Create diamonds from your loved one’s ashes only.
  • Algordanza ORIGIN   — Create diamond from  two or more  carbon sources, e.g. Mixed of family Hair, Ashes, Diary or Photos
  • and Algordanza HAIR  — Create diamonds from your loved one’s hair only.

 We only need 5 grams of  hair (can be from body hair also).  Some of our customers have decided to mix with family members’ hairs when there are not enough hair or ashes.

For more information, please listing  Algordanza UK website or call  0800 064 6683, leave us a message! 


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Algordanza Cremation Diamond Purchase Process

Algordanza Memorial Diamond Order Process

  • Step 1. Find an ALGORDANZA Representative
  • Step 2. Consider Your Memorial Diamond
  • Step 3. Decide on Your Desired Diamond and Price
  • Step 4. Sign the contract and order form
  • Step 5. Collection, Shipment, and Delivery of Ashes or Hair
  • Step6. From Ashes to a Cremation Diamond
  • Step7. Delivery of the diamond

| Step 1. Find an ALGORDANZA Representative

Our representatives are presented in over 35 countries worldwide, they are all competent, caring, and pleased to consult you on placing your order for an ALGORDANZA Memorial Diamond. Get in touch with us or find our ALGORDANZA International representations by selecting your country.

For ALGORDANZA UK and Ireland, please phone: 0800 0646683.

| Step 2. Considering Your Memorial Diamond

In order to understand Algordanza Products, Process and Services and importantly the differences Algordanza offers from the other memorial diamond providers. Please read here for more details.

Or book a free consultation or Switzerland lab visit with our UK Representative.

| Step 3. Decide on Your Desired Diamond and Price

Please see the Memorial Diamond Decision for more details. Once you have looked through our brochure, website and price list please contact us to confirm your selections and we will provide you the price based on your preferences.

| Step 4. Sign the Contract and Order Form

Once you have decided on your Algordanza cremation diamond purchase, we will arrange an appointment to visit you to sign the contract and order form.

A unique reference number will be provided to you for your future tracking purposes, and 50% of the payment is required at this stage.


| Step 5. Collection, Shipment, and Delivery of Ashes or Hair

Your funeral home will organise the funeral service and cremation for you. We understand that handling the loved one’s ashes or remains can be overwhelmingly emotional, therefore there are two options that could make this process easier: –

Option 1, we can provide secured shipment of collected ashes or hair to our ALGORDANZA Swiss Lab free of charge.

For Algordanza Pure

  • If you wish to keep some of the ashes, we only require a minimum of 500g of ashes to produce your diamonds. Please ask your funeral home to put aside 500g of ashes, and we will collect the ashes directly from the funeral home. Or, we can collect the 500g ashes from you at home directly.
  • If you wish to use all the ashes, we can transform the entire amount of ashes as a diamond, if there is no additional burial desired.

For Algordanza Hair or Algordanza Origin

  • Please ask your funeral home to keep 5g of hair, we can collect the required hair or objects directly from the funeral home or from you directly.

Option 2, Alternatively, if you would prefer to hand over the ashes/hair yourself, and visit our ALGORDANZA Swiss lab, please contact us to arrange this.

| Step 6. From Ashes to a Memorial Diamond

Once our Swiss Lab has received the ashes or hair, it will take from 6 to 8 months for the transformation of hair or ashes into a memorial diamond. To find out more about the memorial diamond creation process click here.

We will inform you every step of the creation process and status via email. Each process will be timestamped, they are: –

Step 1 Ashes Reception

Step 2 Approval

Step 3 Carbon

Step 4 Graphite

Step 5 Synthesis

Step 6 Re synthesis

Step 7 Cut/Polish

After Step 7, the diamond is ready for delivery.


| Step 7. Delivery of Your Diamond

Once the memorial diamond is ready from the lab, we will arrange to deliver your diamond to you personally. The remaining 50% payment is due upon completion.

Alternatively, you can arrange to collect your diamond directly from Algordanza, Switzerland. (subject to 7.7% Swiss Tax)