Care for your Jewellery

Made to Last

With a little bit of love and attention, your Jewellery AE necklaces will last a lifetime and more. Your order will come with a set of care instructions which details exactly how to look after your Jewellery.

We recommend reading through these carefully when your Jewellery arrives.

Check Fixings Regulary

Get into a habit of checking your Jewellery regularly, especially clasps and jump rings which can, for safety reasons, come apart if the Jewellery is tugged sharply.

Care for your jewellery
Gold Heart Cremation Pendant

Clean Your Jewellery

Using a dry, clean cloth, gently wipe your jewellery often to remove any oils that may have transferred from your skin. Even if not being worn, we still recommend regular cleaning.

Silver naturally tarnished when exposed to air, oils and other elements There are a few other factors that can also cause tarnish; some skin types, lotions, exposure to other tarnished jewellery and improper storage to name a few.

The best way to prevent tarnishing is to keep your Jewellery oil free; always wipe it with a dry, clean cloth after wearing and never leave it out as being exposed to sunlight, air or moisture can increase the rate of tarnishing. Most people never suffer tarnishing, however, if your Silver Jewellery does tarnish, it causes no actual harm and can be easily resolved at home by cleaning with a Silver Polish Cloth.

Treat It with Care

Gold plated jewellery looks just as beautiful as the real thing. With plated Jewellery, in time the plating can wear off. Take care of your plated jewellery: 

Jewellery dislikes chemicals and oils so be careful to remove when swimming, bathing or exercising and when doing housework or gardening. (or anything involves heat or moisture.)

Don’t bath or shower and apply lotion and perfume with the necklace on. Store jewellery in a box or a bag. Don’t sleep in your jewellery.  Don’t use any abrasive to clean it. 

Lastly, if your plating has worn off, which can happen eventually, you can always have it re-plated, and it is not expensive thing to have done. 

Care for your jewellery