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The Ultimate Cremation Ashes Jewelry Guide

The ultimate guide of purchasing cremation ashes Jewelry

The Ultimate Cremation Ashes Jewelry Guide Cremation Jewellery

Cremation ashes jewellery is gaining in popularity over recent years, giving people a chance to commemorate and celebrate their loved ones.

In this ultimate guide we will explain: – 

What cremation ashes jewellery is, make, material and prices

How this might help you in this difficult journey.

As well as provide you with some commonly asked questions.

1. What is Ash Jewelry?

1.1 Brief History of Ashes Jewelry

Many might think ashes jewelry is a new idea, but ashes jewellery has actually existed as early as the Victorian era (1800). Victorians called it “mourning jewellery”. They kept small amounts of hair or bones inside their rings or necklaces to memorialise and celebrate loved ones.

1.2 Today’s Cremation Ash Jewellery

Cremation ash jewellery also known as memorial jewelry, self filled ash jewelry, ashes into jewelry or urn jewelry. As memorial jewelry creates a very unique personal connection with loved ones, it also helps people overcome grief. Therefore, it is now becoming more and more popular.

There are a few very popular types of ash jewellery available in the market. We will explain each of them in detail including their prices.

2. Urn Jewelry

2.1 What is Urn Jewelry?

Urn jewelry is also called self filled cremation jewellery. It is like a tiny urn, and these are very popular choices. For example, ash pendant, or ash ring or ash bracelet charms.

The Ultimate Cremation Ashes Jewelry Guide Cremation Jewellery

2.2 How Does Urn Jewellery Work?

Urn jewellery will normally have a secret hollow chamber. You can insert ashesby removing a threaded screw. The screw might be disguised as the bail at the top of the pendant, or on the side or bottom of the cremation pendant.

Common materials used for urn jewellery are tarnish resistant and long durable metal such as: –

Solid gold (9K or 18K)

Gold plated over sterling silver

925 sterling silver

Stainless steel

Therefore, you can fill a token small amount of ashes or hair discreetly inside of the jewelry. You can add other remembrance small objects inside, e.g. your own hair, a small message, as well as dirt or sand from both of your favourite locations.

2.3 Why is Urn Jewellery so Popular?

Urn jewellery is one of the most popular choices, that is because: –

It looks like normal jewellery but it is a very discreet and private way to keep your loved one’s ashes close to you and keep the connection. Ashes into glass and resin normally expose the ashes that may be offensive to some.

The Ultimate Cremation Ashes Jewelry Guide Cremation Jewellery

In some cultures it is unforgivable to disrupt the peace of the loved ones. Putting some of the ashes through chemical treatment or freeze into resin or glass could be disrespectful. With urn ash jewelry, you can keep the ashes as it is, and scatter it when you are ready to let go.

You really don’t need to worry about your loved ones ashes forever lost in the postal system. Urn jewellery companies provide self fill kits so you can fill your ashes jewelry yourself or ask your funeral director to fill the cremation ash pendant for you.

2.5 Price of the Cremation Ashes Urn Jewelry ?

Price of Cremation Ash Urn jewellery is mainly dependent on the material used and craftsmanship.

Stainless steel urn jewelry start from £25 up to £60.

925 sterling silver ashes jewelry is normally around £120.

18K gold plated ashes jewellery is around £150.

9ct and 18ct solid gold ashes jewelry start around £450 and £950 respectively.

3. Ashes into Glass

3.1 What is Ashes into Glass Jewelry?

Ashes into glass is also one of the most popular choices. The ashes into the glass company will ask you to post a spoonful of ashes. It is worth noting in the UK you can only send up to a maximum of 50g of ashes with restrictions on packaging.

The glass master heats the glass to liquid molten form (approx 1400 C to 1600 C), and then layers a small amount of ashes, and coloured glass crystal inside.

The Ultimate Cremation Ashes Jewelry Guide Cremation Jewellery

It is important to find an expert with glass masters skills so they don’t create cracks or bubbles in the glass. Once the glass is cooled down, glass masters will polish and cut to the right form of glass beads for jewelry settings.

Ashes are normally visible through the glass. Then later the jeweller will set the glass stone into an ash ring, ashes pendant, ashes bracelet and even ashes earrings.

3.2 Why is Ash into Glass Jewelry so Popular?

Ash glass jewelry has varieties of colours and styles, it has generally good quality and longevity and much tougher compared to resin.

However your loved one’s ashes are visible, some find this beautiful but others might find it disrespectful to the loved ones. It can be done tastefully with the right company.

3.3 Price of Glass Ashes Jewelry ?

Despite the glass material cost being very low and only a small amount of precious metal being used, silver rings start from £300 and can go over £1,000 depending on the type of jewelry materials and setting.

4. Cremation Diamond Ash Jewelry

Also known as diamonds from ashes, cremation diamonds, or memorial diamonds.

Cremation diamond companies normally require 200g to 500g of ashes or 5g of hair posted or delivered to them. Only 1 or 2 companies offer personal collocation of ashes in order to generate one or more diamonds.

Technicians extract pure carbon out of human ashes or hair from a lab environment, and grow cremation diamonds from HPHT (high pressure high temperature) machines. It normally takes around 6-8 months for the diamond to form.

The Ultimate Cremation Ashes Jewelry Guide Cremation Jewellery

The cremation diamond can later be set into bespoke jewelry such as necklaces or rings. It is a remarkable product but very expensive for average income households with prices starting at £2000 for a small diamond.

There are many ashes into diamond suppliers that have presences globally. They are Algordanza, Lonite, Heart in Diamond, Eterneva, LifeGem, and Ever Dear.

As the technology is relatively new it is important to consider the following before you purchase a diamond from ashes: –

4.1 Transparency of Production

Is my diamond really made from my loved ones’ ashes?

One of the most important factors is to check if you can visit or personally deliver ashes or hair to the laboratory. Looking at online images and watching videos are definitely not sufficient to guarantee the genuine product or service. Any credible company would be able to explain and provide transparency of their production process to their customers.

4.2 Certification of Authenticity

Certain certification e.g.GIA can guarantee and certify the diamond is lab made, however this does not guarantee it is made from your loved one’s ashes. Additional certifications from independent bodies e.g. ISO certificate, notarial certification, and national funeral services membership should bring you a peace of mind.

4.3 Customer Reviews

It is always reassuring to hear what previous customers said about the product and service. Make sure to validate these recommendations via social media platforms. As well as to see how genuine the reviews are with authentic images and not some generic review made by the company in question.

4.4 Understand Creation Process and Product

A genuine memorial diamond should only be created from carbon found in cremation ashes or hair in a high tech lab under an HPHT machine, and it normally takes 5-8 months to grow. It is important to make sure your diamond is NOT:

A chemical vapour deposition diamond – hydrocarbon gas such as methane, not carbon from hair or ashes. The normal process time only takes several hours.

An existing diamond injected with ashes – Some diamonds are inserted with ashes into an existing diamond.

A diamond simulate (ie. Gem, Crystal or Zircons) – They are not real diamonds, a real memorial diamond should be certified with the same characteristics as mined diamonds.

4.5 Price vs. Service and Product

The memorial diamond price should reflect its product and service comparable to a standard burial, which could cost around £3,000 to £10,000 (average funeral in the SE of England).

5. Resin Cremation Jewelry

Resin cremation jewelry shops would ask you to post for a small amount of ashes.

The process of making resin ash jewelry is similar to ashes into glass. Jewelry makers normally mix a small part of ashes with liquid resin and sparkles. And then pour the mix in a mould to dry. Lastly, set hardened resin as part of a ring or pendant.

Resin is resistant to water and bacteria and relatively durable, however resins are relatively brittle despite the shop claims.

If ashes or hair is the only reminder you are left of your loved ones. We don’t recommend use resin as material for keeping your loved ones’ ashes. Your loved ones’ ashes are on display as part of resin. Therefore, we do not recommend it.

However, resin memorial jewellery is definitely one of the cheapest materials, easily accessible from craft shops or amazon. There are DIY videos on how to make your own resin ash jewellery. 

Despite the cheap resin, most of the resin jewelry are still around £150 – £200 on the market.