About Ashes Jewelry

About Ashes Jewelry Cremation Jewellery

Ashes Jewellery exist as early as 18 century. Also known as self filled Cremation jewellery, ashes into jewellery or urn jewellery. As this jewellery creates a very unique personal connection with loved ones. Therefore, it is now becoming more and more popular. For example, some people would like to keep a token amount of ashes of the loved family member or loved pets close.

There are few very popular types of ash jewellery available in the market. We will explain each of them in details. For Example, Urn Jewellery or self filled cremation jewellery, Resin Cremation jewellery, ashes into glass, and more over memorial diamonds.

Urn Jewellery or Self Filled Ashes Jewellery

About Ashes Jewelry Cremation Jewellery

Self filled Ahes Jewellery or often called Urn Jewellery.

It is like a tiny urn, and there are very popular jewellery. For example, ash into a pendant, or ash into a ring. This urn jewellery normally has a secret chamber. Therefore, you can fill a token small amount of ashes or hair discreetly inside of the jewellery.

We offer a wide range of Urn Necklaces from various materials. For example, 9K 18K Gold, 925 Sterling Silver, 18K Gold plated and Stainless steels. Stainless steel ash pendants start price from as little as £25 including postage. We are working hard to expanding our ever popular bespoke ash jewellery range.



Resin Cremation Ashes Jewellery

Some shops offer resin cremation jewellery. Jewellery maker normally make resin by hand: Firstly, mixing a small part of ashes with resin and sparkles. Secondly pour the mix in a mould to dry. Lastly, put hardened resin as part of a ring or pendant.

Resin is resistant to water and bacteria and relatively durable, however standard resin are relatively brittle.

Your loved ones’ ashes are on display as part of resin. It is not really the type of material for keeping your loved ones’ ashes forever, therefore, we do not recommend.

However, resin memorial jewellery definitely one of the cheapest materials.

Ashes into Glass

About Ashes Jewelry Cremation Jewellery

Glass cremation jewellery is a similar concept to resin cremation jewellery.

A glass master insert a small amount of ashes into melted glass under high heat. Then mould into the desired shape and leave to cool.

After that, a will set the glass into jewellery settings like pendant or ring.

There are beautiful ashes in glass jewellery. Each piece is a bespoke process and normally takes up to 3 -5 months.

Ashes into Diamond

About Ashes Jewelry Cremation Jewellery

Algordanza Rough Ashes into Diamond or Ash Diamond production process

Grow lab diamond from ashes is one of the most expensive options to honour your loved ones.

Cremation diamonds are synthetic diamonds. Synthetic diamond producers grow diamonds from cremation ashes or hair. Normally cremation diamond takes up to 6 -8 months to grown in the lab environment. Later, you can set the diamond into any jewellery as you wish, diamond necklace or ring are popular choices.

It is an absolutely amazing idea! It is an extremely complex process to make diamonds from ashes or hair, therefore it very important to find a reputable company.

However, we only recommend cremation diamond companies who are very transparent with their production process like Algordanza in the UK. You are more than welcome to visit our diamond growing lab.

Email contact kevin.foy@algordanza.co.uk directly, or via Contact Us for any ash diamond enquires.


How is jewellery made from ashes?

The answer depends on the type of the ashes jewellery. Self filled ashes jewellery. You can keep a token amount of ashes inside of the pendant or charms, and seal with a secured screw. Resin or glass ashes jewellery. Makers will mix tiny amounts of ashes into a liquid resin or glass, set in a pendant or charm mould till dry.  Ashes into diamond.  Producer will extract carbon  from the cremation ashes and put through HTHP machines to mimic the natural diamonds growing process.

How much ashes do you need to make a piece of jewelry?

It really depends on the type of ashes jewellery: –  Urn necklace or self filled ash jewellery, normally less than 1/3 teaspoon full would be sufficient, normally you can fill it at home using the fennel provided. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, your local funeral directors will be able to do it for you. 

Ashes into glass, or ashes into resin, normally a teaspoon or two of ashes would be enough. The jewellery makers normally blend ashes into the glass or resin when they create the beads or pendant. These companies would normally use a very small amount of ashes than you provided.  They would normally ask for more just in case something goes wrong (faulty products etc.).  A good company should offer to return the remaining ashes.  It is also quite important to ask them what they would do with the fault products. 

Ashes into diamond, depending on the diamond producer, they normally ask for between 300g to 500g of the ashes.   Dependent on how much carbon can be extracted, not all ashes will be used. 

Some producers might ask for less ashes, because they add other cheaper carbon sources into the diamond. Therefore it is important to seek a guarantee and ask for proof. You can  request the cremation diamond producer to return the rest of the ashes.

What jewellery can you make with ashes?

The most popular ashes jewellery are:  Ashes necklace, Ashes rings, Ashes bracelet & charms, Ashes cufflinks, Ashes earrings and ashes brooch. We recommend ashes necklace and ashes rings, they are most secured jewelleries and it is not easy to lose. Therefore it is important to find a reputable company that provides you with peace of mind. We would recommend hallmarked jewellery to ensure quality. 

self filled ashes jewellery has a small chamber that you can fill it with a token amount of ashes.  Ashes into diamond made from the carbon extracted from the ashes from the lab environment. There are also popular ashes into glass, ashes into resin by mixing ashes and glitter with the glass or resin and set into different pendant shapes.