Why Ashes into Jewellery

Why Ashes into Jewellery Cremation Jewellery

Ashes into jewellery are also known as self filled ashes jewellery and are like a personal secret urn. It looks like normal jewellery but has a hidden chamber and is hollow inside. You can fill a token small amount of ashes or hair or any sentimental items inside of the jewellery with the funnel provided. Here is why we think urn jewellery is the best option: –

1. Discreet Jewellery for personal grieving
2. No extra chemical treatment and let go when you are ready
3. Overcome grief
4. Value of the jewellery

1. Discreet Jewellery for Grieving

Why Ashes into Jewellery Cremation Jewellery

Ashes into Jewellery is normally a very discreet yet elegant way to keep your loved ones’ ashes. It stores ashes in a hidden chamber and looks like a piece of beautiful normal jewellery.

The ashes pendant is designed to conceal the ashes. It comes with an inner chamber that holds a small amount of cremated ashes. After filling, seal the pendant with the discreet pendant bail, which also acts as a threaded stopper screw. We recommend using modelling glue or epoxy to make a permanent seal. Some people may be uncomfortable with filling the ash jewellery themselves, if so, your funeral director can fill the cremation jewellery for you.

Some jewellery exposes the ashes.  For example, resin cremation jewellery or Ashes into Glass can be very unpleasant and disrespectful for some people.

2. No extra chemical treatment and let go when you are ready

If you wish to let your loved one rest in peace.

You can seal and save the ashes in the urn jewellery as it is. There is no extra chemical treatment on your loved ones’ remains and they will not forever be moulded into part of glass or resin.

When you are ready to let your loved one go, you will have the choice to scatter the ashes as it is or keep the ashes with you at home.

3. Overcome with Grief

Often the pain of loss can feel overwhelming.

After scattering ashes, some of us might decide to keep a token amount of ashes or hair or reminders from our loved family or pets with us, so we can still feel a connection. A physical reminder like an ashes necklace, can be very reassuring and overcome the darker days.

Therefore, having a physical reminder of your loved one to hold on to and close to your heart will really help you overcome the grief process. We have written a blog with tips on how to overcome grief.

4. Value of the jewellery

Why Ashes into Jewellery Cremation Jewellery

Your loved one is priceless. However, there are extortionate price tags on some ashes jewellery.

Cremation diamonds and jewellery settings start from over £3,000 for 0.3 ct. Ashes into glass go up to over £1,000 depending on the jewellery setting, and even the cheapest form of resin epoxy jewellery can go up to £500.

For ashes into jewellery, it is priced with the craftsmanship as well as the metal you choose, for an 18K solid gold pendant it is priced around £950 and definitely more valuable and durable than glass or resin. Obviously, you can also opt for cheaper stainless steel ashes jewellery for less than £50.