Ashes into Diamond Real Stories

Ashes into Diamond Real Stories Cremation Jewellery

We are the UK Retailer for Algordanza UK Ashes into Diamond, We are also: –

The only ashes diamond producer offering lab visit or video calls in Switzerland, we provide complete transparency and lab visits.

1. ISO Certificated Memorial Diamond provider maintaining and committed to the professional body standards.

2. Notarial Certificated by a notarially certified partner confirming diamond is made from cremation ashes alone.

3. A member of the Swiss Association of Funeral Services (SVB Membership).

4. HPHT (High-Pressure High-Temperature) Algordanza Memorial Diamond machines.

5. High-quality service and product memorial diamond provider, with true price reflection.

6. Great traceable customer reviews with a global presence in 35 countries.

Lisa Clifton

I researched a number of memorial diamond companies before choosing Algordanza. It’s clear to me that they are the industry leader. What attracted me to them originally was the transparency of their process, but my dealings with Kevin confirmed that I was making the right choice. Kevin talked me through the process without a hard-sell approach. He was patient, informative and understanding during a very upsetting time. When I decided to go ahead he quickly set up an in-person meeting to collect my Dad’s ashes. Throughout the process, I received regular updates. I could not be more impressed with the finished product. I had an interest in precious stones prior to this process and the colour saturation, cut and clarity of the diamond is breathtaking. My stone is absolutely beautiful and has some unique characteristics that even Kevin didn’t expect.
I would not hesitate to recommend both Algordanza and Kevin. I will cherish my diamond forever.

Jenny Tuleby

Kevin at Algordanza has been immensely professional and helpful throughout the process of turning our beloved dog’s ashes into a beautiful diamond. Couldn’t be happier with the service and the outcome, strongly recommend it! (It’s the blue diamond in the photo)

Daniel Atkins

I cannot recommend Algordanza highly enough! Without a doubt the very best customer service I have ever received. Better still, the memorial diamonds we had made are absolutely beautiful!

Kevin was amazing. He took the time to explain the whole process and answer all of our questions in superb detail. Hoping for two diamonds of a very specific size, wanting to safely hand-deliver the ashes in person, all on a very tight schedule in time for our wedding – we knew we were asking a lot! But Kevin and his team at Algordanza bent over backwards to make this happen.

We scheduled a time and date to go over to Switzerland and visit their facility. Everything was made so easy for us. From which train to get on from the airport, to where the taxi would be at the other end. Even turn by turn directions to where we could find the tax reclaim office at the airport on the way back – something that never would have occurred to me.

I’d also like to mention Alana whom was equally delightful. She was there to greet me as I arrived, discreetly helped me separate the ashes, and gave me a full tour of their facility before helping me with a taxi to my next destination.

The diamonds are perfectly stunning! I can think of no better way to honour my dearly loved friend whom I miss dearly. Now I carry him with me for evermore.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so very much for everything you did for us!

Piers Daniell, London, 0.82ct Radiant Cut

Kevin has done a great job on a memorial diamond for my late father. After doing a bit of research I came across ALGORDANZA and very happy I did. Service and communication were top notch.

HC, Brighton, 0.5ct brilliant cut

“I have just received the diamond grown from my beloved husband’s ashes and am so amazed how beautiful it is and how much it soothes my heart. It is absolutely beautiful – so clear and sparkly – and I just keep looking at it. I am so glad I decided to have it made. I would like to thank Kevin so much for his kind and caring help through the whole process. Thank you again Kevin and Algordanza.”
Widow, 54 (Customer preferred to remain anonymous) 1ct brilliant-cut, London

“I lost my husband of 23 years, and was left with a broken heart. More than anything, I was looking for a special way to honour his memory in a lasting way. After researching ashes to diamonds UK online, I determined that Algordanza Cremation Diamonds was the best and most reputable company in the business.
I contacted Kevin Foy at Algordanza UK, we met up and I quickly decided to go ahead. Throughout production, I received regular status updates and excellent service. Last week, my husband’s diamond was delivered to me in a beautiful wooden box and I finally got to see it. I was absolutely thrilled with the colour of the diamond, which was a sparkling shade of my favourite colour; blue.
One of the country’s premier jewellers is currently helping me incorporate the beautiful diamond into one of my favourite heart necklaces that my husband gave to me. A diamond cut, it has “Always & Forever” engraved in it, and so, I will be wearing him next to my heart. ❤️ I’m so happy to have my beautiful memorial diamond to remember my husband by, a beautiful stone of him to honour his memory and our life together. My love for him is eternal, just like my diamond.”

James Halliday, Family pack of uncut diamonds, London

“Kevin and Algordanza were a pleasure to do business with. Even during strange covid related circumstances, Kevin was professional and courteous. He made it an easy decision to use Algordanza, and from start to finish was a kind, helpful and trusted advisor.”

Daniel & Ilona, 2 x 0.15ct diamonds of their loved one to go into their wedding rings (Berkshire, UK)

” Hi Kevin, I had been meaning to email you today. Our trip was great thank you. The diamonds are beautiful, just perfect! Thank you so much for all of your help and everything you have done for us. Alana also, who was super welcoming, staying late and helping with taxis etc. We can’t thank you both enough! We got to enjoy the epic Swiss scenery this time from a small skiing village 20 minutes from Chur which was the cherry on the cake. Kind Regards. ”

Tara Peters, 2 x 0.8ct rough diamonds (Salisbury)

“After losing my husband so suddenly I wanted to have something that was truly special to remember him, especially for my children. As soon as I contacted Kevin he put me at ease and explained the process and the making of the Algordanza diamonds.
Kevin provided exceptional service and was very personal, kind and understanding at such a distressing time. He also kept me updated throughout the entire six-month process of the diamonds being made. Kevin recently delivered the two diamonds that I had made for my children in person to me and I’m absolutely overjoyed with them!
They were also slightly bigger than I ordered too as they had grown a little more in size. I cannot recommend Algordanza Diamonds enough and its such a special way to be able to treasure your loved ones. Thank you so much Kevin, you are a gem! ”

Gordon, Hertfordshire. 3 x 0.15ct Family Pack, Brilliant Diamonds

“Thank you, Kevin !”

Loic de Lenclos, 0.3 Carat Emerald Diamond set into a white gold pendant (Hertfordshire, UK)

“It was thanks to a random Internet article that I found Algordanza before my terminally ill husband died. I did the research and thought that this was the right thing for me to do as and when he succumbed to his illness. It felt very weird making what I termed a “pre-need enquiry,” but this was handled with kindness and compassion that simply confirmed my decision.

My whim to drive his remains to Switzerland and hand him over in person was indulged, and I was given as much time as I needed to relinquish the urn containing his ashes. I was particularly happy with the explanation of the process and the need to sign a waiver accepting that there was no guarantee as to the colour of the diamond that resulted from the transformation process.

I wanted his stone to be a reflection of the man, and hoped that the stone I received would achieve this. It does… now, all that remains of the man I adored rests close to my heart, and it is a huge comfort to me. It’s certain that this process isn’t for everyone. But it was for me. And I have no hesitation in recommending Algordanza for their service and the quality of their product.”

Amanda Paterson, 1 Carat Brilliant Diamond set into a platinum pendant (London, UK)

” Kevin was recommended to me by a jeweller I know very well. I was not disappointed, Kevin was very thoughtful about the sad situation I was in, and treated my Dad ashes with the utmost respect. The service received throughout the whole process was very professional and friendly. The diamond Kevin gave me this week is just amazing, I’m so happy that I will have my Dad with me always.
Thank you Kevin xx ”

Nicola Carlton, Two 0.3 Carat brilliant cut cremation diamonds set into engagement ring (Cardiff, UK)

” Fantastic service from start to finish. Kevin was very professional and kind. He kept me and my family up to date at all times. He recommended a very skilled jewellery designer, who created a truly exquisite ring. Now I will have my husband with me at all times.”

Charlotte Johnson, 0.3 Carat  Asscher Cut Diamond (Kent, UK)

” Excellent service – Kevin is sensitive and kind and we were kept up to date throughout the process. The diamond is a truly special way to keep a loved one by your side. “